Customer satisfaction

Over the last 28 days, our customer satisfaction score was: 0%

How we measure customer satisfaction

We ask everyone we talk to through a helpdesk request (case) to rate their satisfaction with the response they received from us as “excellent”, “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory”. We do this via email, after the ticket is considered resolved.

The satisfaction score is the percentage of tickets rated “excellent” or “satisfactory” (excluding unrated tickets).

The response rate over the last 28 days was 0%

There are no calls in progress  on our sales and support lines as of 8:30pm today (Sunday)

We've answered 100% of calls on our sales and support lines today.

Today's average waiting time when you call us is 00:00:05. The maximum waiting time today is 00:00:05.

Customer support response times for requests via email and Client Connect

Over the last seven days our average response time to helpdesk requests was: 4 hours and 55 minutes

We track our first-response time (the time it takes us to reply in full) to helpdesk requests (cases) that are created when you send us an email, raise a query via Client Connect, or contact us by phone.

There are 9 open support requests (cases) in our helpdesk and 11 support request pending closure

Cases opened by month over the past six months